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Write and Publish a Book as a Fun Family Project

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As summer begins many of my friends are talking about how they can make sure their kid has fun time off, but also keeps their mind active. It is so easy as a parent to just set them in front of a screen and let the time pass. I know, I’ve done it! This summer I’ve decided it will be a lot of fun to help the kids write and publish their own book and/or magazine with Blurb.

I initially got the idea from the last minute and a half of this snippet from the Today show. I’ve been planning to print my enormous collection of photos into books with Blurb, but have just been procrastinating it. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to make it a family project! Maddy has really shown an interest in photography lately, so it will be a lot of fun to include some of her images as well.

In addition to including our family images I’m going to ask the kids to write out our adventures. For the younger kids I can write as they tell me the story in their own words. This will not only be educational, but it will be an awesome addition to our family history! I’m going to make one for each year. I’m planning to make a nice book for me to keep and an inexpensive magazine for each kid. That way when they grow up and leave the home they’ll have a set of magazines from each year to take with them and show their own children in the future.

Photo books aren’t the only thing you can make. Blurb allows you to create any book you can imagine, and even allows you to self publish for others to purchase. Your children can write a short story or novel, create a cookbook of their favorite recipes, design a themed photo book, or write a graphic novel or comic book. Blurb also has these fun notebooks where you can create your own cover then choose what type of pages to put in it. You can use these to create a journal or an idea book for them to brainstorm ideas for their story. They also have simple online book making tools, so anyone can do it!

Have you printed your family photos and included the stories? What fun summer projects do you have planned? Any other tips for avoiding the summer brain drain?


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