Building my Transition Wardrobe with LuLaRoe

As a kid I was a scrawny little thing. In high school there was a friend who nicknamed me “frail” because he said I was a little twig that could be snapped in half. When I left for the Marines I was 5’6″ and barely 100lbs. I was built straight as a stick. Probably could have just skipped wearing the bra if I really wanted to.

Post baby it’s a whole different story! My hips spread, my bust grew, and they’ve never gone back down. I honestly have no clue what I am doing dressing this body. I have spent so much time pregnant that I haven’t even bothered trying to learn. It wasn’t worth the money to buy clothes that I knew wouldn’t fit in another few months when I either lost the mummy tummy or inevitably got pregnant again. I just hate the way I look for a few months then feel great again once I have a newly growing baby bump. I know how to dress that!

I’m done hating the way I look. I’m done feeling frumpy. I’m done staring at my closet and feeling depressed because I have nothing that makes me happy to put it on. Enter LuLaRoe!

Post partum style||how to dress when you're alwyas pregnant
LuLaRoe Nicole style dress with leggings and a wide belt.

I was first introduced to this company by my friend Nicolee. She assured me that the Nicole dress would be perfect for my baby bump as well as look great afterwords. Transitional piece? I’m sold! It was love at first wear. Super comfortable fabric and really cute cut.

LuLaRoe Julia Dress | |Dressing a post partum body | Women's fashion
Rocking my new LuLaRoe Julia Dress at 5 weeks post partum.

I started looking around at LuLaRoe shops and found tons of cute styles and patterns that I love! I have now added a Julia dress from my cousin Renee, an Amelia from a swap group on Facebook, and my first Cassie skirt arrived yesterday from my friend Penny. I can’t wait to wear it along with a perfect T from the swap group that should be here soon. I also have a few pairs of leggings. For the first time in a LONG time I am actually loving my post partum body wardrobe. Especially since all of it will still fit and look great as I get rid of this mummy tummy!

LuLaRoe Amelia dress at 6 weeks post-partum | | awesome breastfeedign dress
Had to snap a selfie of myself in the Amelia Dress at church because I don’t have a full length mirror at home.

I would absolutely LOVE to become a LuLaRoe consultant myself, but it just isn’t the right season for me to focus on that. Instead I decided to start a LulaRoe pop-up group where I can host pop-up parties for other consultants. Think tupperware or Pampered chef, but in a Facebook group. If you’d like to check out what these clothes are all about come join me and have some shopping fun! I’ll be sharing styling tips, images of the clothes on real women, awesome giveaways, and a variety of consultants sharing their inventory for you to buy. My first pop-up party is scheduled for Friday July 8th, hope to see you there!

UPDATE: I have submitted my paperwork to become a consultant! I am super excited. Come check out my pre-sale to get some awesome bonus incentives for investing in my first inventory.

What are your favorite transitional pieces and styles? What is your favorite LuLaRoe item? I’d love to see photos of real women rocking their post partum bodies! Drop a link in the comments. 

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