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Spiritual Refugees From Heaven

On Saturday night I was blessed to attend a women’s conference for my church. This is an annual event where the leaders from the Primary (all children ages 3-11), Young Women (girls ages 12-17), and Relief Society (women ages 18+) speak to us as women about our sacred roles in our Father’s plan. I look forward to this meeting each year to refill my spiritual bucket and remind me of the nobility that I find in motherhood.

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The focus of this meeting centered around loving and serving each other no matter what our race, religion, or background. The refugee crisis throughout the world was discussed and we were asked as women to pledge our support to helping those displaced, especially the mothers and children. We were told that there are many organizations and opportunities to bless these refugees temporally, but more than anything they need people to befriend them and provide for them emotionally and spiritually. They need us to love them and help them adjust to their new home.

As part of the evening this beautiful story about a refugee woman from the Ivory Coast was shared.

As I watched this video I had a thought that I know was from my Heavenly Father. “My children are spiritual refugees from Heaven”. My children need me to love and nurture and guide them. They need me to help them understand this temporal world that their pure sweet spirits have been relocated to. They need me to teach and lead them. they need me to show by example the proper customs of our culture. They need me to help them preserve and honor their spiritual heritage while also teaching them temporal matters.

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A spiritual being having an earthly experience.

As I ponder on this thought I pray that it leads me to treat my children with more patience, love, and kindness. I pray that it helps me to be more accepting of their social and emotional immaturity. I pray that I can have the spirit close to guide me as I try to guide them through the trials of this life. I pray that I can always see them as the beautiful children of God that they are.

I am still pondering on exactly what this though of children being spiritual refugees means for me and my family. I would love to hear your thoughts as well. Does it change how you see your role as a mother? Does it make you want to change things about the way you parent them? Does it make you see them differently?

If you would like to learn more about how you can help refugees in your area click here.

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