Pregnancy and Labor Adult Coloring Book

I have had this idea rolling around in my head for ages, but quite frankly I was afraid to commit and put myself out there. Afraid of failure or success? Both? I don’t know. All I know is it’s time to stop hiding and be proud of what I do and what I create.

I am excited to announce that I am working on creating a pregnancy and labor themed adult coloring book with a goal of completion by March 31st. Each page will be an image hand drawn and digitized by me. Many of them will include positive birth affirmations to be used before, during and after labor. The book will be self published on Amazon. I will also be launching a Kickstarter for the initial printing of a fine art version. This version will be unbound pages printed on thick high quality archival paper. When completed the colored images will be perfect for framing or including in a baby book.

Pregnancy and labor adult coloring book||Zentangle|Pen and ink drawing
Most recent drawing in progress.

As a mother of 7 with #8 on the way to say I’m passionate about all things birth and pregnancy might be a slight understatement. I will admit I may have a slight addiction to feeling little arms and legs kick around in my tummy and smelling freshly born baby heads.

More than anything I want women to feel empowered and in control during their birthing experiences. Birth is AMAZING, and you should feel amazing about yourself and what you have accomplished when it is done. The best way to accomplish the birth you want is to be prepared, thoughtful, and calm.

Having been through this so many times I know how important it is to have positive affirmations in your mind and meditative pain management skills. It is also important to take time throughout your pregnancy to just unwind and calm your mind so that you can be prepared for your birth. Coloring has proven to be a very beneficial meditative therapy for many adults. They have used it for cancer patients and proven that it slows heart rates and changes brain patterns during painful therapies, such as chemo. Why not use it while we are in labor?

birth photography||
My youngest baby only a few minutes old. I definitely wasn’t coloring in the tub.

If coloring during labor isn’t your cup of tea, pages probably wouldn’t hold up well in a birth tub after all, then color them during pregnancy and post your beautiful completed images on the wall to focus on as part of your pain management techniques.

I do need your help with one thing. What on earth should I name this book? “Pregnancy and Labor Adult Coloring Book” is just so BLAH!! Leave your recommendation for a title in the comments. If I use it you will receive a free copy of the fine art version of the book. In addition I will choose a few people to receive a free copy of the Amazon version. 5There will  be one winner for sure, if I get more than 50 comments I’ll up that to 5 winners and more than 100 comments and it will be upped to ten winners!

If you would like to stay updated on my progress, get exclusive behind the scenes photos, receive special freebies such as digital coloring pages, as well as receive advanced purchase information sign up here for my mailing list.


  1. Wow! What a great idea! Im due in April and have been looking for positive things to meditate on, this would be perfect! I have a few ideas, so I hope its OK I leave a few comments.

    A Beautiful Journey: Coloring Book for Pregnancy, Labor, and Beyond

    1. Awesome, I’m due in May with #8! That’s why I set a (fingers crossed) completion date of March 31st. Wish me luck in getting it done in time lol.

  2. LOVE this idea!!! And, wow!!! Congrats to your big family! I just had my first daughter in March and it has been such an incredible journey. My labor was super long and I would have loved coloring a page awaiting her arrival (I actually created a pregnancy sketchbook documenting my pregnancy too). I read everyone else’s suggestions and can’t top some of them. My favorite would be to combine two….. Shades of Birth as the title and An Adult Coloring Book for Pregnancy and Beyond) as the tagline.

  3. This is fantastic! I love all of the suggestions that have been made. I have always loved the phrase “Melting into Motherhood”. Maybe something along those lines? Creative Motherhood? A Journey of Creation? Journey into Motherhood? Vaginas DO open and babies DO come out? Haha Kidding!

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