I’m an Official LuLaRoe Consultant!

I am probably the most excited girl in the world right now! Yesterday I got my call and became an official LuLaRoe independent fashion consultant.

I am now a LuLaRoe consultant | Smithsquad.com | join me on Facebook "LuLaroe Emily J Smith" to shop amazingly comfortable women's fashion

LuLaRoe is an amazing company. It all started when a mom, DeAnne was asked to make a maxi skirt for her daughter. Not only did her daughter love it, but her daughter’s friends did too. After she sold a few skirts DeAnne said, well why can’t I make this bigger. Now she is the CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in the United States and blessing millions of lives.

There are a lot of direct sales products that I am a big fan of, but I have never been tempted to join any of them until LuLaRoe. So why am I doing this now? First off I absolutely love their products. These are some of the most comfortable clothes that I have ever worn. At a time in my life when I was feeling pretty empty, unattractive, and plain beat down I put on a dress and felt better. Yes, a dress really can do that. More than just a piece of clothing, it became a symbol of transforming myself into someone better. I was regaining my muchness and a dress helped me to put what I was starting to feel in the inside on the outside.

Second I love LuLaRoe as a business because they really care about their consultants. The income opportunities are adequate even without needing to build a team of sellers under you. There is tons of support for the consultants available in the form of weekly webinars, in person training seminars and annual conventions.

Third I love their business practices. LuLaRoe started out being manufactured in the US, but as they have expanded they have had to send some jobs overseas to maintain the needed production levels. They could have got really cheap labor, but instead they chose to make sure every worker is paid a fair wage and working in healthy conditions; conforming to WRAP standards. They have gone into impoverished areas, renovated old factories and provided jobs to thousands of people. They are blessing over 100,000 families with the jobs that they provide.

I am really looking forward to being an excellent LuLaRoe consultant. My initial inventory should arrive by the end of September and I will be booking online and in person parties starting in October. While I’m waiting for my inventory to arrive I will be having lots of fun games and giveaways. Come like my Facebook page and join my shopping group to get in on the fun! You can also follow me on Periscope, screen name @smithsquad, for live sales and other fun announcements.

Do you love LuLaRoe? What is your favorite piece? If you haven’t tried them yet what piece would you like to try? Drop a comment here and one lucky person will get a surprise from me in the mail once my initial inventory arrives.


  1. Hi! I’m working on onboarding (hopefully in the next week or two) and have been trying to track down some information. Do you have a link to where it says that LLR is WRAP compliant? I couldn’t find it on either LLR or WRAP’s pages. I *KNOW* my customers are going to want cold, hard facts. Thanks!!!
    -Sandra (Dreamer to be)

    1. I actually read it on another blog which I can not find now. I totally believe it after seeing the video and images coming out of the Guatamala factory tour. Problem is the WRAP website has their accreditation listed by facility name, not by company name, so it’s hard to tell which facilities may be owned by LuLaRoe. I am looking into this and have asked my upline as well as LuLaRoe HQ. I’ll let you know what they say!

    2. So according to my team leader Patrick has mentioned it several times in the weekly home office updates for consultants, but it isn’t in any of their literature that she has seen.

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