Better LuLaroe Product Photography Part One- Choosing Your Camera

Better LuLaRoe Product Photography- Choosing Your Camera |

As a LuLaRoe consultant you are or will be taking a LOT of pictures. Having well-lit images with accurate colors is crucial to getting online sales. This will be the first post in a series about getting better images. In this post I will be talking about choosing your camera. Future posts will cover using the camera, backgrounds, lighting, and editing your images.

Phone or Tablet

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With online sales being a huge part of the business many LuLaRoe consultants find it easiest to use their phone or tablet to take their products photos. Device cameras have come a LONG way in the last few years and you can take some amazing photos if you know what you are doing. I personally use an iPhone which has an excellent camera. The key to getting great photos on a phone is to use an app that gives you more control over the camera. A great free option is VSCO Camera for iPhone or android. For only $2.99 you can get even more control with Camera+ for iPhone.

Pros- easy to use, always with you, small, you already have it

Cons- lower quality image, less control

Point and Shoot

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Point and shoot cameras have also come a long way in the last few years. They are more than adequate for great product photos. I would recommend one that is at least 10 megapixels and gives you the option to shoot in manual mode. I will cover camera settings in the next post, but for now just know that you want to be fully in control of your settings to get the best pictures possible. It is also awesome to have Wi-Fi capabilities. This makes uploading your photos to the computer or even your phone a breeze. I would recommend the Canon Powershot SX710, Nikon Coolpix S9900, Sony DSCRX100M2, or Olympus XZ-1.

Pros- small, easy to use, less cost, more control

Cons- higher cost

Interchangeable Lens

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If you really want to step up your game go for an interchangeable lens camera. These aren’t really a need for just still shot product photography, but they are a ton of fun and help you get some amazing family photos along with your product photos. As you learn your interchangeable lens system you can step up your game a LOT by having live models wear your clothing and making some amazing creative shots for advertising. The optics in the interchangeable lens cameras will give you clean crisp images and great colors. I personally own and love my Sony A6000 (newer version is the A6300). I prefer the mirrorless design over the DSLR because it is a more compact size. I have also shot on the Nikon D3300, which is an excellent starter level camera. If you love Canon then go for the Rebel T5.

Pros- higher quality optics, maximum control,

Cons- more complicated to use, highest cost, bulkier

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What camera do you currently shoot with? Is it doing the job well? What struggles are you having with your product photography? Let me know what questions you have so I can add to this post or cover them in future posts! 


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  1. Cool tips here!Actually ,product photos should be top quality and also present product as best as possible.It does make sense when clicks are made.Thanks for sharing

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