Educents Teacher Appreciation $10,000 Giveaway!

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To celebrate Teacher Appreciation month, Educents, FreshGrade, S&S Worldwide, and the Sellers of Educents have partnered to give educators funding for their dream classrooms. The 7 educators with the most votes will win a combined $10,000! Any educator is eligible to win – teachers, homeschoolers, parents, and school administrators.

How to Win

Educators get pretty creative when it comes to raising money to cover expenses for classroom supplies. As a homeschooler it’s a bit harder to have a big event, so I have to do my best with my affiliate links and income from my art and photography. That is why I am entering this giveaway. It would be such an incredible blessing to get high quality school supplies that I can’t afford right now for my kids.

It’s easy to enter to win the Educents Teacher Appreciation Giveaway

Step 1: Save up to $5,000 in products for your dream classroom in your Educents wish list.

Step 2: Click “Enter to Win” on your wish list page and create your voting profile.

Step 3: Share with your friends, family and community and ask them to vote for you every day until May 6.

Any educator is eligible to win – teachers, homeschoolers, and school administrators. Ready to get started?


Vote for me

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Click on this image to vote for me

I’ve been having a lot of fun window shopping and adding things to my list for this contest! Of course the first thing, which was already on my list, is the rest of the Life of Fred books that we don’t have. We have the elementary and beginning reader sets, but I love them so much I want to get them all!

Another item I’ve been eyeing for a while are the eMedia music learn to play sets. They have guitar, violin, ukulele, and keyboard. I believe that music is an important part of any education and would love it if all of my children learned to play an instrument of some sort.

The other item on my wish list that I would be absolutely ecstatic to win is the Little Bits Deluxe Kit. We already have and love a snap circuits set, but it’s really only good for one person at a time. with this Little Bits Kit I could get all the kids in on the action.

Click this link if you’d like to vote for me! I will love you forever! Don’t forget to enter yourself as well and share your link with me so I can return the favor.

Are you going to enter? What things are on your wish list?


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