Too Many Choices!- Top Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations From Cathy Duffy

**This post contains affiliate links. To read more about our affiliate program click here** When it comes to homeschooling it[…]

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you have the time, but how will you use it? || Business management | excuses | good, better, best | Budgeting your time

You have time

I really enjoy networking with other artists and photographers in a few different groups on Facebook. Several times a week[…]

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Keeping a Large Family Organized-Routines vs. Schedules

I vividly remember my oldest son’s first babysitter. She was a very sweet person. When we first met with her[…]

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Plant a garden | | Homeschooling math and science | Family Work | Square Foot gradening

Time to Plant a Garden

I’ve been wanting to plant a garden for a few years now, but never quite got past the talking about it[…]

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Parenting is a Team Sport

When the movie “Mom’s Night Out” appeared in theaters I began hearing wonderful reviews, so I looked up the trailer.[…]

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Benefits of Yoga for Kids||Increase strength and flexibility,

Yoga for kids

I believe that physical education is every bit as important as learning academics. One of our favorite ways to get a[…]

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It's your choice||parenting|giving children choices|children and control|discipline tips

It’s Your Choice

On Sunday a friend of mine introduced me to a video by expert play therapist Dr. Gary Landreth. In this[…]

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Birthday Giveaway Winners!

Thank you so much to those who participated in my giveaway! I entered each of your names into The Random[…]

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Run Like a Girl

Have you seen this video from Always? They brought in several people and asked them to do things “like a girl”.[…]

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Large Family Feminist

**This post contains Affiliate Links. To learn more about our affiliate links click here** I recently read and LOVED a[…]

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