I am now a LuLaRoe consultant | Smithsquad.com | join me on Facebook "LuLaroe Emily J Smith" to shop amazingly comfortable women's fashion

I’m an Official LuLaRoe Consultant!

I am probably the most excited girl in the world right now! Yesterday I got my call and became an[…]

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A Year in My Life Documenting Our Family- July | smithsquad.com |military family | Patriotic

A Year in My Life- July

Oops, I did it again. I forgot to share my “A Year in my Life Photos”. I was about to[…]

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Better LuLaRoe Photography Part 4- Set-up | Smithsquad.com | Get more sales through better product photography

Better LuLaRoe Product Photography Part 4- Set-up

They way you set up your background is a much more crucial part of successful LuLaRoe product photography than you[…]

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LuLaRoe Product Photography PArt 3- Lighting | Smithsquad.com

Better LuLaRoe Product Photography Part Three- Lighting

***This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about our affiliate program click here*** Part 1- Choosing a Camera Part[…]

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Better LuLaRoe Product Photography Part Two- Camera Settings

Part 1- Choosing your Camera Thanks for tuning in for part two of my series for LuLaRoe consultants on how[…]

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Better LuLaroe Product Photography Part One- Choosing Your Camera

As a LuLaRoe consultant you are or will be taking a LOT of pictures. Having well-lit images with accurate colors[…]

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LuLaRoe Julia Dress | Smithsquad.com |Dressing a post partum body | Women's fashion

Emily J LuLaRoe Pre-Sale!

Anyone who knows us can tell you that the last few years have been rough emotionally and financially. Two years[…]

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