WE have taught our kids to fear failure|smithsquad.com|Jessica Lahey|education|homeschool|unschool

Fear of Failure Blocks our Clearest Path to Success

There are already a million reasons why I have chosen to home-school my kids. Last night, after a bit of pillow[…]

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play based learning|emotional intelligence|homeschool|unschool

Play Based Learning

I will freely admit that my children spend the majority of their time in play. I know that many would[…]

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Farewell Father- RIP Jerry T. Smith

Early in the morning on Sunday March 29th the world lost a very great man. Cameron’s father, Jerry T. Smith, passed[…]

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Are You Common?

Our educational system is based on the idea that every child is “common” and should perform to common standards. I want more for my children. I want more for myself.

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