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Fred and Kingie Giveaway

Life of Fred is probably my favorite curriculum resource ever. His daily adventures int he world of math keep the[…]

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Freebie Friday at Educents!

**This post contains Affiliate links. To read more about our affiliate links click here** Get all of your holiday shopping[…]

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Life of Fred- Math Curriculum Review

**This post contains affiliate links. To read more about our affiliate links click here** After reading a bunch of glowing[…]

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I am a Misfit

How often have you felt alone, unappreciated, or just plain weird? I know I do, a LOT!! When you feel[…]

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Serenity Prayer Zentangle

What is Zentangle? I have recently discovered and fallen in love with doodle drawings also commonly called Zentangle. This type[…]

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Our Homeschool Curriculum

***The following post contains affiliate links. To learn more about our affiliate links click here.*** One of the first questions[…]

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Building a Dam- Unschool Physics and Geometry

A few days ago the kids were helping Dad was a friends truck. While dad was doing the final details and[…]

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Play Based Learning

I will freely admit that my children spend the majority of their time in play. I know that many would[…]

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No, the Housework Can’t Wait- 6 Tips on Keeping a House Full of Kids Clean

Mommy guilt galore and advice to just learn how to relax if it’s messy. Well I call shenanigans! Having a clean house is important. Doing what is healthy for you as a mother is important. If our lives revolve around our children to the point of neglecting ourselves and our homes that is not a good thing!

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Homeschool Objection Obliteration- Socialization

Let’s have a conversation about the number one objection I get about homeschooling; socialization. “How will they be socialized?!?!” “My kid[…]

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