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Obliterating Objections- I Don’t Even Have Enough Patience for Homework!

I Don’t Have Enough Patience For Homework, Much Less Homeschooling I hear this one all the time, in fact I[…]

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Homeschool Objection Obliteration- Socialization

Let’s have a conversationĀ about the number one objection I get about homeschooling; socialization. “How will they be socialized?!?!” “My kid[…]

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Homeschool Objection Obliteration- I am not a trained teacher

“I would love to homeschool, but I don’t know enough to be able to teach my kids everything.”

“How can a mom who is not a trained teacher possibly teach everything a child would learn in public education?”

“I can’t teach my kids math/science/music/etc. because I’m not very good at it myself.”

Time to obliterate this objection.

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