Farewell Father- RIP Jerry T. Smith

Early in┬áthe morning on Sunday March 29th the world lost a very great man. Cameron’s father, Jerry T. Smith, passed[…]

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Un-schooling- How do They Learn Without Formal Lessons?

The idea of un-schooling often scares people. How on Earth can a child learn if you don’t have regular formal lessons? I thought I’d give a snapshot of one day to show exactly how this works in our home. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the day for our children to learn about a variety of subjects. The world is our schoolhouse, and we never stop learning.

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The Curse of Motherhood

There is a curse that every mother puts on her children. You can’t escape it. Some day you too will put it on your children.”One day I hope you will have a child just like you!” It almost always comes true.

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