A Year in My Life- April- Meet My Mentors

***This Post contains affiliate links. To learn more about my affiliate program click here.*** Well would you look at me.[…]

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Mothers- You are Amazing!

Mothers, when was the last time someone told you how incredible you are? I see it every day, posts about[…]

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Using a Parent-Child journal to increase communication and more | SmithSquad.com | Handwriting and Cursive | Language, Spelling, and Grammar | Reading Comprehension

Using a Parent-Child Journal to Create Connections With Your Kids

Several months ago I read about using a parent-child journal to communicate with your kids. I thought it was an excellent[…]

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How and Why I chose Natural Birth and some of my favorite resources to prepare for and manage the pain | SmithSquad.com

Natural Birth- My Story and Favorite Resources

Why and How I Chose Natural Birth If you’ve read any of my birth stories you know that I am[…]

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A Year in My Life March| SmithSquad.com | Documenting every day life with photography | in home photographer

A Year in My Life- March

I can’t believe I completely forgot to share my “A Year in My Life” pictures from March! I think I[…]

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Lead me guide me parenting | Smithsquad.com | PArenting without threats, bribes, nagging, and fighting

Lead Me, Guide Me Parenting

One of my favorite songs that my children sing at church has the line “Lead me, guide me, walk beside[…]

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What's in my Hospital Bag with baby #8 | smithSquad.com |Large Family | Birth | Natural Birth

What’s in my Hospital bag?

I can’t believe baby #8 is due in 4 weeks! Seems like the perfect time for a blog post about[…]

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Educents $10,000 Teacher Appreciation giveaway | smithsquad.com | Please vote for me | Any educator can enter, including homeschoolers

Educents Teacher Appreciation $10,000 Giveaway!

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation month, Educents, FreshGrade, S&S Worldwide, and the Sellers of Educents have partnered to give educators funding[…]

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Plant a garden | SmithSquad.com | Homeschooling math and science | Family Work | Square Foot gradening

Time to Plant a Garden

I’ve been wanting to plant a garden for a few years now, but never quite got past the talking about it[…]

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My new baby must haves| Smithsquad.com| With a small budget, large family, and tiny home I have to be rather minamilistic with new baby supplies

My New Baby Must Have Products

With only six weeks left until my due date I am thinking a lot about making sure I have everything[…]

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