Too Many Choices!- Top Homeschool Curriculum Recommendations From Cathy Duffy

**This post contains affiliate links. To read more about our affiliate program click here** When it comes to homeschooling it[…]

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Make a Photobook as a fun family project | Preserve your memories |

Write and Publish a Book as a Fun Family Project

***This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about our affiliate program click here** As summer begins many of my friends[…]

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Attachment styles and romantic relationships|| Emotionally focused therapy | EFT

Emotionally Focused Therapy- Creating Intimacy in Marriage

I’ve talked a little bit before about how going to counseling was a huge part of why my marriage has[…]

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Brush Lettering Class on CreativeLive|| Online educational resources| Class review

Brush Lettering on CreativeLive-Class Review

***This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about our affiliate links click here*** Yesterday I had the chance to[…]

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Elenco Snap Circuits review| | Homeschooling | Unschooling | Science | Electronics

Elenco Snap Circuit Kit- The Best Science Toy We’ve Ever Owned

I can not say enough good things about the Elenco Snap Circuit set that we own. I bought it as a[…]

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Using Composite Photography to Create a Fantasy World - CreativeLive class review|

Using Composite Photography to Create a Fantasy World CreativeLive Class Review

Yesterday I watched the class “Using Composite Photography to Create a Fantasy World” on CreativeLive by Karen Alsop. It was[…]

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Why the daily homework battle is not an indicator of what it will be like to homeaschool | | objection obliteration | You DO have enough patience

Obliterating Objections- I Don’t Even Have Enough Patience for Homework!

I Don’t Have Enough Patience For Homework, Much Less Homeschooling I hear this one all the time, in fact I[…]

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veteran suicide awareness| | 22 too many | Marine Corps | military suicide | Mental Health

Memorial Day- The Dark Side of Military Service

As I have seen all the media hullabaloo leading up to Memorial day this year it has caused me to[…]

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Talking About Pornography With Your Loved Ones

***This post contains Affiliate links. To learn more about my affiliate program click here*** Let’s face it, the birds and[…]

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you have the time, but how will you use it? || Business management | excuses | good, better, best | Budgeting your time

You have time

I really enjoy networking with other artists and photographers in a few different groups on Facebook. Several times a week[…]

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