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Play Based Learning

I will freely admit that my children spend the majority of their time in play. I know that many would[…]

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No, the Housework Can’t Wait- 6 Tips on Keeping a House Full of Kids Clean

Mommy guilt galore and advice to just learn how to relax if it’s messy. Well I call shenanigans! Having a clean house is important. Doing what is healthy for you as a mother is important. If our lives revolve around our children to the point of neglecting ourselves and our homes that is not a good thing!

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Homeschool Objection Obliteration- Socialization

Let’s have a conversationĀ about the number one objection I get about homeschooling; socialization. “How will they be socialized?!?!” “My kid[…]

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Farewell Father- RIP Jerry T. Smith

Early inĀ the morning on Sunday March 29th the world lost a very great man. Cameron’s father, Jerry T. Smith, passed[…]

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Beginning Photography Educational Resources

I (Emily) am a photographer. I have always loved photography, but hadn’t felt confident in myself to actually do more than take pictures of my own children. Educating myself on both the art and technicalities of good photography is the #1 thing that allowed me to find the confidence to take the jump and go pro. Here are a few of my favorite resources for the aspiring photographer.

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Painted Portraits

One of the digital art services that I offer is custom painted portraits. I believe that these portraits are a beautiful way to liven up your traditional family photos. I can take a simple snapshot and transform it into a wall worthy work of art. These painted portraits make the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and any other event you can think of. Mother’s day is only 6 weeks away, why not get your mother a custom work of art she will treasure forever!

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Un-schooling- How do They Learn Without Formal Lessons?

The idea of un-schooling often scares people. How on Earth can a child learn if you don’t have regular formal lessons? I thought I’d give a snapshot of one day to show exactly how this works in our home. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the day for our children to learn about a variety of subjects. The world is our schoolhouse, and we never stop learning.

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Homeschool Objection Obliteration- I am not a trained teacher

“I would love to homeschool, but I don’t know enough to be able to teach my kids everything.”

“How can a mom who is not a trained teacher possibly teach everything a child would learn in public education?”

“I can’t teach my kids math/science/music/etc. because I’m not very good at it myself.”

Time to obliterate this objection.

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The Curse of Motherhood

There is a curse that every mother puts on her children. You can’t escape it. Some day you too will put it on your children.”One day I hope you will have a child just like you!” It almost always comes true.

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Are You Common?

Our educational system is based on the idea that every child is “common” and should perform to common standards. I want more for my children. I want more for myself.

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