Better LuLaRoe Product Photography Part 4- Set-up

They way you set up your background is a much more crucial part of successful LuLaRoe product photography than you may think. The background that you choose can either add to or detract from your photos. In addition the way you choose to display your product for photographing can make a big difference in sales.

Better LuLaRoe Photography Part 4- Set-up | | Get more sales through better product photography

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When choosing a backdrop the simpler the better. Make sure you choose a background that is mainly a neutral color such as white or gray. A pattern is ok, but make sure it is simple and does not detract from the item that you are photographing. Avoid bright colors and outgoing patterns. Not only do these draw attention away from the piece you are selling, but they could cause a color cast that affects your ability to accurately represent the product. With so many patterns and colors int he clothing you don’t want a background that could clash with any of them. If you’re lucky you may have a perfect wall in your home and not need anything else. If you aren’t so lucky (my walls were painted lime green by the previous tenant) you will need to purchase a backdrop. Backdrop paper is the least expensive option. It can easily be hung from a wall or you can buy a backdrop stand. If you want something that isn’t disposable and easily ruined like the paper then you can get a fabric backdrop. Another great option is an outdoor area with great scenery or plenty of space behind it.

Signage and Props

Signage is a great way to show your personal fashion consultant style and make your photos easily recognizable to your clients. It is also a great way to help customers find your items if you participate in multi-consultant sales. One thing a consultant I admire did was get white wooden letters of her initials. She places these on her backdrop next to her items. I have seen others who have created some great hand lettered signs listing the style, size, and price. Be careful with signs and props not to go overboard. Keep it simple! The simpler the better. More stuff doesn’t give you a better image, it simply detracts from the products you are selling. Remember, the item you want to sell should be the star of the image. Alternately you can choose to have zero signage or props at all and instead create a collage in Photoshop that includes the size and style.

Garment Display

The most important aspect of LuLaRoe garment display is helping people to see what the item looks like. The best way to do this is to use a dress form. This shows how the garment hangs on the body. A dress form with a pattern is a great choice because it helps buyers to see how sheer the fabric is. Just make sure that your pattern is not going to detract form the pattern of the clothing item. Alternately you can simply hang the item on a nice hanger. For items like skirts or leggings clip hangers or flat lay photos may be best. For a flat lay photo put your backdrop on the ground, arrange the item, and shoot from straight overhead. Remember that many clients may be seeing LuLaRoe for the first time in your shop. By hanging a skirt over the bottom of a regular hanger or cutting off the bottom half of the maxi skirt in your image can hurt your sales. If they can’t see and understand the shape of the product they may not buy.


When setting up your photos there are two great methods based on how you choose to display your clothing. If you are using just hangers you will probably want to put them directly against the backdrop along with your signage. This will eliminate shadows behind the item and make sure that everything is on the same focus plane. If you are using a dress form you are going to want to move it away form the background. This distance from the background will eliminate or reduce shadowing. If you do this make sure you have a stand to place your signage on that you can place next to the dress form. If it is hanging on the background then you risk having the item, signage, or both out of focus.

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Do you have any questions about the best way to set up your shots? Do you have any additional tips or tricks to share? Make sure you go back and check out the first three posts int he series on choosing a camera, camera settings and lighting. Also stay tuned for the next post on image editing and post processing. 

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