I am a large family homeschooling mom of eight. I celebrate the nobility in motherhood through writing, photography, and art.

My calling in life is empowering families through celebrating the stories of birth and motherhood. Ladies, what you do is absolutely amazing! It is only through the blood sacrifice of a woman that a child enters this world. Whether your motherhood journey starts with surrogacy, adoption or birth it is the heart sacrifice of loving mothers that makes the next generation great. What you do can never be repaid or honored enough. You are truly the saviors of humanity. Your stories are powerful, own them, honor them, and share them. Your children will treasure the memories you make and share long after you are gone.

Now for the fun stuff, come meet my alter ego; Super Womb-an!

Super Powers:

Birth babies in a single push

Supersonic hearing and smell

Multitasking ninja

Ability to detect a lie in three words or less

Baby cry and toddler speak translation

Magical hugs and kisses that heal any boo boo

Can see out of the back of her head

Finder of any lost item

Ability to function on no sleep

Amazing ability to work within tight deadlines and under extreme pressure

Creating and sustaining life



Inability to pass up a cold Vanilla Coke

Subject to hormonal fits of crying over sappy teen romance movies

Often forgets her additional role as tooth fairy

Loses all powers when the super suit is out for dry cleaning

Uncontrollable heartburn

Irresistible cravings for popcorn, potato chips, and crunchy dill pickles

Powerless in the face of a grinning or laughing child

Can’t pass by a good looking garage sale or thrift store

Rodents *shudder*, Super Dad can deal with those

Unable to walk away from a great board or card game with friends

Unable to resist a newborn’s smell